Monday, April 30, 2012

New Rent To Own Blog Under Free Spirit Umbrella

The Free Spirit Gallery umbrella keeps growing as different blogs and websites are launched.  Although many of these expansions are unrelated to Native art, they are still technically under the same company.  So for what it's worth, a new Canadian Rent To Own Homes website/blog has just been launched.

The previous new website and blog launched prior to this one under the Free Spirit Gallery umbrella was the Life With Dogs & Puppies blog.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New 2012 Inuit art calendars are out.  By the way, I just saw new 2012 dog calendars out.  Many are by different dog breeds so if you are into Arctic dogs (or any breeds for that matter), I'm sure that you will find something there.  Worth a look.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Canadian Motivational Speaker Is Big Supporter Of Native Art

Canadian Motivational Speaker And Native Art

Canadian motivational speaker and karate world champion Clint Cora is a huge supporter of native art as he not only collects this genre but proudly displays parts of his collection in the background of many of this Motivational WebTV video series each week. In one particular diversity and art related episode, Clint shows you many of his choice pieces of Northwest Native art as well as Inuit art from his home collection.

Being a Canadian motivational speaker, Clint collects native art primarily created by Canadian native artists. He has even written two ebooks on the subects of Canadian native art and is available through our Free Spirit Gallery website.

See his video episode with his native art collection to get an idea of what he collects. He also shows some artwork from other genres in this video as well.

Free Dog Training Video Available

Free Dog Training Video

Under the Free Spirit Gallery umbrella, we launched a new website for dog lovers and our main free attraction is a very informative and educational free dog training video by Clint Cora. It show new puppy owners as well as current dog owners what the basic minimum standards should be for obedience training. Clint demonstrates these skills with his own Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie in this video. For access, see our new dog website.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cultural Diversity Training Through Native Art

Cultural Diversity Training

In this episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV, yours truly as a diversity Canadian motivational speaker, talks about how one can increase exposure to cultural diversity training through art. This is one of the ways that I had originally been turned onto the world of diversity and made me want to explore other cultures around me.

I got interested in some beautiful artwork of certain cultures and in turn, became interested in the cultures behind the art. This is why art is an excellent route to explore diversity.

Becoming well versed in diversity skills which help you in becoming effective with people from all sorts of cultures and diversity groups is now considered an important component in achieving success in today's diverse environment. Art and food (as shown in a previous Motivational WebTV episode about Chinese food) are both effective and fun ways to increase diversity awareness.

Art Cultural Diversity Training On Video

In this new Motivational WebTV episode, I also take you on a tour of some of the art in my personal collection at home which includes pieces from several different cultures. Here is this unique cultural diversity training video below.

You will notice that I have quite a lot of Native Aboriginal and Inuit art in my collection. I'm a huge fan of these genres of art. If you have never seen much of these types of cultural art before but are intrigued by their styles, you can be more exposed to them by visiting either a separate Native art Facebook page I set up or a Native art blog I also run. I even offer two different ebooks on native art for free on those sites.

I hope you enjoy this episode and maybe it might spark an interest in ethnic art in you as well. Feel free to comment on this video as well as any of the artwork shown here. Just comment below or at the Motivation Facebook page where I hope you will hit the Like button.

If you like what you see and hear on this video about cultural diversity training through art, please share it with others via Facebook, Twitter or other means.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Native Art Of Dogs Would Be Nice

I don't usually see any native art of dogs anywhere for some reason. I wish some artists would do native art versions of my lhasa apso dogs. Wouldn't that be something?

My friend was also talking about some stray dogs up in Sioux Lookout where she has a contract. Surely they can draw them. I went there years ago when I had a pharmaceutical sales job covering the medical office up there.

Of course, I'm long retired from that field since I now work as a Canadian motivational speaker.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How To Review Web Hosting Services

I'm primarily known as a Toronto motivational speaker, author, art gallery owner and Karate World Champion. I depend on my websites to promote my work out there. Although I'm not a computer techie, I can get around well enough to create my own websites and I'm run several successfully for a number of years. Therefore, I sometimes get questions about websites. So in the spirit of sharing information, here are the criteria that I use to choose a website hosting service for my websites.

Free Services

Yes, there are free website hosting services like Yahoo and Angelcities out there but if you want good looking websites and are serious about websites, I strongly suggest that you do not use the free services. You will be stuck with a long website address since free services do not allow you to use your own domain name. There is a limit of how much file space and transfer you are entitled to so expansion is limited. There is very limited functionality and the worse is the fact that they stick all sorts of advertising on your websites which really spoil the look of your sites. There are really affordable paid website hosting services out there as better alternatives.

Domain Name, Email and Blogs

You want to be able to use your own domain names and have email addresses associated with your websites. And since blogs are so popular, you want complete functionality of your blogs with the website hosting service. Not all services work well with certain blogs.

File Space and Transfer

You don't want to be restricted in file space on their server if you end up expanding the size of your websites. Adding pages and changing webpages involve file transfer between your computer and the host servers. You don't want a limitation in how much file transfer you can do.

Behind The Scenes

It's nice to have some sort of behind the scenes program like cPanel where you have access to your website statistics, logs and can make other modifications to your websites.

Downtime and Service

Most important of all in my mind, are downtime and service. All website hosting services can have downtime but a good one will catch offline websites quickly and get them back up and running within say 30 minutes. I was caught with a previous website hosting service in Montreal where sometimes my websites would be offline for an entire weekend. This is not acceptable!

I'm not a technie so when I need help, I want support right away. You should be able to reach sales and especially technical support easily without being caught to just a voicemail. Even worse with the Montreal company I used before, they didn't even have tech support open during weekends.

My Recommendation For Website Hosting Service

I currently use a website hosting service called Bluehost and have my websites on them. For a very affordable price under $10 per month, I get unlimited file space and domains. This means I can add as many different websites as I want to a single account without having to pay extra. This is why I have most of my websites and Wordpress blogs on Bluehost. I also get unlimited file transfer.

What really sealed the deal for me with Bluehost is that I can get help from technical support by actually speaking to a live person there 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Now that's great service! So make sure that you check out Bluehost if you are looking for a great website hosting service for your websites.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Inuit Art And Native American Art Blog

This will be the final post here at the Inuit & Native Art Bulletin blog. But don't worry, we are not going away. We are just continuing our blog presence at our new Free Spirit Gallery Blog which will use the WordPress platform.

All of our blog posts from now on will be over there. Not only that, we will be sharing wonderful images of both Inuit and Northwest Native artwork over there on a regular basis to help build a community of art lovers. So please give our new blog home a visit. All of our associated blogs will be moving to WordPress including our Canadian motivational speaker, Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs and Potty Training Dogs websites and blogs. See you there!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Northwest Native Indian Art Eagle Salmon Video

Here is a wonderful piece that we commissioned Northwest Native Indian art master carver Cody Mathias to produce for a client. It is an eagle with a salmon and measures 26 by 16 inches. Such custom pieces are indeed available through Free Spirit Gallery as special projects. Just contact us if interested in one.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mississauga Carassauga Cultural Festival Video Highlights

I went to the big cultural festival Carassauga back in May which is put on each year in my hometown of Mississauga, Ontario. It is a huge three day event with pavilions showcasing cultures from over 60 different countries. This is representative of just how diverse Mississauga has become over the years.

There was even a pavilion for Canada which included some content featuring Native Canadian culture. Pavilions offered entertaining shows with music and dance. There was also lots of ethnic food to sample. This is a great event to learn about the many different cultures that live right here in our own city.

If you have any chance to attend a cultural festival much like Carassauga, I would highly recommend it as such events are great ways to learn about different cultures in an entertaining and enjoyable setting.

To show you just how diverse and big the Carassauga festival is, I brought along my camcorder this year and captured bits from lots of the shows put on by the pavilions. As a Canadian motivational speaker, I decided to use this video footage as part of an episode of my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV show that is online. I reproduced the show below for your viewing pleasure. Past episodes are at Motivational WebTV archive in case you are interested.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Daily Photos Of Native American Indian Art At Facebook

#nativeamerican #art #inuit #eskimo #native #indian

Since Free Spirit Gallery has created a new Native Art and Inuit Art page on Facebook, there have been new photos of beautiful Native American Indian art as well as Inuit art shared pretty well daily.

It was Free Spirit Gallery's intention to expose more people to these wonderful artforms of the Native people. So far, the growth of Facebook fans hitting the 'like' button has been great. The comments about each photo added each day have been encouraging as well.

You can see what other fans of Native art are saying about each piece that is shared on the new Facebook page. Join the community by visiting the Native Inuit Art Facebook Page.

You can also go to this special Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook graphic at the sidebar of this blog.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shipping Native American Art On June 28

We will be away on travel this week but of course our online secure website Free Spirit Gallery is still open for orders of any artwork. All orders will be timestamped for priority. We will process orders on the weekend and ship any Native American art or Inuit artwork out first thing on Monday morning June 28.

Of course, we will still be posting images of beautiful Native American art and Inuit art at our Facebook page while on the road this week.

Have a great week!

Free Spirit Gallery

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Only One Raven Northwest Indian Art Print Left

We have only one Raven Northwest Indian art limited edition print by artist Todd Baker left in our gallery. In fact, according to the artist, Free Spirit Gallery has the only numbered print left that is available anywhere!

Only forty of these limited edition prints were ever produced by Todd and Free Spirit Gallery acquired the last few of them over the last two months. All of them were sold except for one final numbered limited edition print. The next person who orders this print will be the lucky new owner.

For more details, go to the Northwest Indian art prints webpage for this Raven Northwest Indian Art Print. If you have your eye on this print, don't delay to order it since no more will be available from this series.

raven northwest indian art print

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kunstdrucke der Indianischen Ureinwohner German Pages Updated

Our German webpages at Free Spirit Gallery with our Native American art - kunstdrucke der Indianischen Ureinwohner - have all been updated to reflect our current inventory. Germans have had a long interest in Native American art so we took the initiative a few years ago to translate a part of our website into German (as well as Japanese since they have huge interest in Native arts as well).

It's taken some time to update all the item pages for our new arrivals of Northwest Native Indian art carvings as well as Native art prints. But the German language section of our Free Spirit Gallery website can now be accessed at Kunstdruck der Indianischen Ureinwohner.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Native American Art Gallery Website Shopping Cart Working Well

I've just been through quite a few test transactions with the new secure online shopping cart system for Free Spirit Gallery and looks like it is working great. In fact, the new system is even better than our previous one since it accounts for shipping rates for international destinations.

All of the Inuit art as well as Northwest Native American art pieces we currently have are now on this new shopping cart and there are special green Add To Cart buttons on each of their item webpages.

The Inuit art pieces have also been added with these new shopping cart functions for our German and Japanese webpages too. We haven't added the Northwest Native art pieces to our foreign language pages yet but hope to do so this weekend.

In the meantime, Free Spirit Gallery is in business again providing beautiful Native American art and Inuit art in an even better improved online system.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Native American Inuit Art Gallery Site Now On BlueHost

As an update to the last post about plans to move our Native American Inuit art gallery website, we actually worked last night and successfully moved everything over to our new host server. This again is an effort to serve our website visitors better since the previous host server had regular downtimes. Our new host, BlueHost, is extremely reputable and so far from what we can tell, their support is excellent, especially compared to our last hosting service.

BlueHost has excellent reviews from other website owners as well which is why we chose to go with them. Moving Free Spirit Gallery over to them will minimize any downtime for our visitors. Just based on the ease of moving our website over to them as well as the support service so far, we definitely recomment BlueHost as a website hosting service anybody else who is planning to get websites up and running.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Free Spirit Gallery Website To Move To New Web Host

The Free Spirit Gallery website has been hosted at a webhosting company in Montreal since inception and throughout the years, there have been numerous problems with connections that resulted in the website being down. This is unacceptable so in an effort to ensure that downtime is kept at an absolute minimum in the future, we will not be renewing our webhosting service with our present company this summer.

Instead, we will be moving our entire Free Spirit Gallery website to a very reputable webhosting service named BlueHost which is located in Utah, USA. This will take place probably this month sometime and we will try to initiate the move on a very late Friday night since weekends are historically the time periods of the lowest website traffic.

We want to make sure that whenever our website visitors want to look at beautiful artwork and read interesting information on Native art, the website is up and running efficiently. We expect that this move to BlueHost will enable us to provide better service to our website visitors.

Clint - Free Spirit Gallery

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Video Of Native Indian Totem Pole Carver Working

Here's a video I shot a few years ago at the First Peoples Festival in Montreal, Canada of Native Canadian Indian M├ętis sculptor Denis Charrette working on a large totem pole carving. Although totem poles are generally created by the Pacific Northwest tribes, there are other native artisans across Canada who also have been known to make totem poles.

Totem poles are obviously huge projects both in creating them and then getting a team to erect it in place. But the finished pieces are like monuments that really change a location's atmosphere. More background information and photos on them are at a totem poles article.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Over Half Of New Northwest Indian Art Carvings Sold

Over half of the new Northwest Indian art carvings by Cody Mathias and his nephew George that were featured in the video in the previous post have been sold to lucky owners both locally here in Toronto and all over the United States.

So if you still want to get one of these beautiful carvings for your home or office, you should take a look at what is still available in our Northwest Indian art carvings.

We also have some limited edition prints by Todd Baker left as well but not many, especially of the Raven print.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eskimo Inuit Throat Singers On Video

One of the most interesting cultural sounds is from the Eskimo Inuit from Canada's Artic region (note that in Canada, we do not generally use the term Eskimo but since it is still used in Alaska and elsewhere, we have included this term in this post - it is not meant to be used as a discriminatory term). Below is a short video of Inuit throat singers in action.

This post is also serving as a test post for our new Inuit Native American Indian Art Facebook page.

This video is also shown at YouTube Inuit Throat Singers or directly at

Monday, May 24, 2010

Native American Indian Art Eskimo Inuit Art Now On Facebook

Free Spirit Gallery has now set up a fan page on Facebook for Native American Indian art and Eskimo Inuit art! Notice that there is now a Facebook button at the sidebar of this blog on the right. Just click on it to get to our new Facebook page.

Pacific Northwest Native American Indian Art Mask Video

Here is a video of a Pacific Northwest Native American Indian art mask created by master carver Cody Mathias of Squamish Nation, BC, Canada. It is of a Wild Man, a character from Northwest Native legend. This mask as of this date, is available at Free Spirit Gallery and is a one of a kind, original signed by Cody in the back of the mask.

For more information on this wonderful piece see Wild Man Northwest Native Art Mask.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bio Of Northwest Native Canadian First Nations Artist

We have put up at our website a bio of Northwest Native Canadian First Nations artist Todd Baker who is our featured artist of our current limited edition prints at our gallery. He is the grandson of Chief Simon Baker of the Squamish Nation in North Vancouver, BC.

He began drawing for his tribe in his preteens and had world-renowned Canadian First Nations artist Bill Reid critique his first instrumental crest design. He has done numerous pieces for institutions and organizations around the world. These include limited editions for the Peace Federation of Canada, Teachers Federation of BC, Canadian Lacrosse association, design work for the Heart disease, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke foundation, the Cancer Society, the Kids fund and the Vancouver Opera House.

A full bio is at Northwest Native Canadian First Nations artist Todd Baker.

By the way, his Raven print is extremely rare since ONLY 40 were ever produced and there are only a few left. If you want to get a very rare print at a very reasonable price, check out his Raven print.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Northwest Native Art Prints Always Coming

We have a regular supply of Northwest Native art prints coming in every few weeks so if you like a print that you see on our gallery website, especially those by Todd Jason Baker, go ahead and order them. If you happen to order a print when we are out of that particular one, that's okay because we will hold your order in priority sequence of when it came in.

We won't charge your credit card until the new limited edition numbered Northwest Native art prints actually arrive at our gallery and we ship your print out to you. So there's no worry about being out of stock because if we happen to run low on a certain print, we will most likely have new ones coming in within two weeks and you will be in priority before the rest of the general public does.

For the Northwest Native art prints by Todd Baker, we have been assured that there are quite a lot left in existence maybe except for the Raven print which have a limited number left. But for the other ones like the Orca, the Eagle and the Speaker's Staff, there are plenty available for us to secure from the artist.

So if you like one of the designs you see on our Northwest Native Art Prints section, just go ahead and order it. Again, we won't charge your credit card until the print that you want is actually shipped out to you.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Northwest Indian Art Carvings Coming Friday

The new Northwest Indian art carvings will be put on our gallery website this Friday. They are a nice selection by master carver Cody Mathias and his nephew George Stokes. So on Friday, go to our website and start at the Northwest Indian art carvings webpage begin browsing to see what these two awesome carvers have created.

Also don't forget that Northwest Indian art limited edition prints by Todd Jason Baker have already come in and are currently available.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Northwest Native Art Carvings On Video

Here is a short video clip on the new Northwest Native art carvings by master carver Cody Mathias and his nephew George Stokes. They are available for our registered monthly newletter subscribers before May 7, 2010. On May 7, these carvings will be released to the general public on our Free Spirit Gallery website. So the priority status that our free newsletter subscribers enjoy is one of the benefits of being a subscriber. Just go to the sign up box on the sidebar of this blog if you are not a subscriber yet.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Northwest Native Indian Art Carvings

We have received a supply of new Northwest Native Indian art carvings by Cody Mathias and his nephew this week. However, instead of just putting them up at our Free Spirit Gallery website right away after processing, we are going to do some things different. To reward our free monthly newsletter subscribers, we will be allowing them to have advance viewing of the new carvings before anybody else. This will give them an opportunity to acquire any of these new carvings first before the general public.

So if you want to be part of the advance viewing, make sure that you have signed up as a free subscriber to our monthly newsletter at the sidebar of this blog.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Links For AllPosters Not Working Properly

We realize that the links from our webpages featuring our partner AllPosters for both Inuit art and Native American art are not currently working properly. We have contacted them about this problem and hope that it will be resolved ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

Clint - Free Spirit Gallery

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Inuit Native Art Gallery Survey Results

Free Spirit Gallery conducted an online survey among our Inuit and Native art gallery newsletter readers recently. They were asked about their plans to acquire any artwork this year given the effects of the recession.

With a total of 258 respondents from Canada, USA and all over the world, here are the results summarized.

Want to acquire Inuit polar bears - 20%
Want to acquire Inuit inukshuk carvings - 18%
Want to acquire Inuit prints - 30%
Want to acquire Inuit wall hangings - 16%
Want to acquire other Inuit art - 11%

Want to acquire Northwest native carvings - 31%
Want to acquire Northwest native prints - 35%
Want to acquire Northwest native masks ($800 to $1500) - 13%
Want to acquire other Northwest native art - 11%

Will not acquire any art in 2010 - 40%

It is not surprising that there is a significant chunk of readers (40%) who will not be in a position for new artwork this year again due to the recession. What was interesting is that among those who do plan to acquire artwork, both Inuit and Northwest Native prints as well as NW carvings lead the way with the art categories.

We'll try to get some more NW carvings as well as prints in for the future.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Native American Weaponry In March Art Gallery Newsletter

The March issue of our newsletter is up online and it features Native American weaponry as artwork. See it online at our most recent issue of our native art gallery newsletter. Of course, instead of waiting to see our newsletters online at the end of each month, you can get it at the beginning as a free subscriber by signing up at the sidebar of this blog.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will Get Master Carver To Make New Northwest Indian Art Carvings

We will probably get master carver Cody Mathias to make us some new Northwest Indian art carvings for our gallery soon. Since the results of our online art gallery survey is suggesting that some people out there will be acquiring carvings this year, we will try to bring in several new carvings this spring. Stay tuned for details but if you haven't done our quick survey yet, we can certainly still welcome your responses. Just click on the previous link. We will release the results soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Type Of Native Art Will You Acquire In 2010?

Here's a chance for you to help determine the future direction for Free Spirit Gallery. As you may have noticed, we have
not been actively bringing in any new works of art for sale to our gallery over the last few months. This was a direct response to the recession since art is considered a luxury item.

We are quite okay with continuing Free Spirit Gallery as a purely information website on Inuit and native art. However, if there is consumer demand for art this year, we will choose to bring in limited numbers of new artwork. Your response will help us
determine what types of artwork to bring in, if any at all.

We also have ideas to produce video DVDs on Inuit art and Northwest native art including interviews with actual artists as a product offering. But of course, we would only go ahead with such projects if there was enough demand.

We've created a quick two question online survey and will take only a few minutes to complete. We will be happy to post the
results in a future newsletter for your interest. Please click on the link below to access this quick survey which will really help us.

Quick Two Question Online Native Art Survey

Thanks in advance and hope you have been enjoying all our resources

Clint - Free Spirit Gallery