Tuesday, March 22, 2005

eBay Removes Eskimo Art Listings

Looks like eBay has removed numerous auction listings of Eskimo art containing marine mammal parts including ivory from walrus as well as baleen whalebone. The affected listings were of Eskimo art carvings from Alaska. There is now a battle between sellers of Native Alaskan art and eBay on this issue. See the article Export of Eskimo Art Containing Ivory for more background on the laws. Technically, if these eBay listings were meant for selling within the US only, these sellers might not have had any problems. The question is whether eBay completely understands the international laws governing such artwork. Below is an example of an Eskimo art carving from Canada which features a base made of whalebone. Such a piece of artwork must be sold within Canada only according to present laws.

eskimo art carving

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Jim's Soapstone Carvings said...

eBay does have websites in other countries, like Canada's which is eBay.ca
It would appear, at least for now, that the banning of ivory sales is only a concern on the United States web site eBay.com

There are many U.S. based sellers listing ivory items on eBay.ca