Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Native American Art Using Bison Dung

Daniel Hidalgo and Victor Bruha have discovered two clever ways to utilize buffalo dung: creating artwork and manufacturing paper. "As artists, we are always looking for interesting and unique ways of expressing ourselves," Daniel said. "And with our twisted senses of humor, we decided this might be the way to do it." Bruha and Hidalgo just recently started a company called Dung and Dunger. First, they sanitize the dung. Next, they mix it with small amounts of shredded paper to give it strength. Then the substance is placed into a vat of water. Particles are gathered with a screen, sponged and ready to dry. It takes about 6 hours to make one sheet. "Of course, that includes our sanitation, all those types of things," said artist Victor Bruha." We insist everything must be cleaned." Both artists are outdoor enthusiasts and spend much of their time exploring the back country. Daniel Hidalgo, artist: "When we go out and pick up the bison dung, you have to be selective because you want something that's dried in the sun and hard. Anything fresh will be gooey." The two artists are finalizing another method of paper making using elk dung.
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Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Reminds me of Stompin' Tom song lyrics. When lady out on east coast finds out that they're selling clocks made outta cowpies, in Tronna; she decides to pack up her cow and head to the city to make her fortune

"Margo got the cargo, boys
and Reggie's got the rig."

Clint said...

You are right! Stompin' Tom is cowpies and hockey songs. Thanks.