Monday, March 28, 2005

Native Indian Art In Old Montreal

I went for a visit to the Old Montreal area which is one of the main tourist areas of Montreal yesterday. I visited several stores which carried both Canadian Native Indian art and Inuit art. I'll comment on the Native Indian art for this post and the Inuit art on a future post. As for the Native art, it's incredible on the amount of mass reproduced souvenir items there are. Many of these have tags that claim that they were 'inspired' by Native Canadian people and some even stated that they were handcrafted by Natives. It's a play on words because none of these were original authentic works of art. There were many identical copies and they looked at little too perfect. The prices were quite low too and I think they will sell well especially now that the spring will start up the heavier tourist season coming up. This is fine is these tourists just want a cheaply made souvenir of Canada that serves as a reminder of their trip. Some of the items are not even made in Canada though. However, if they were looking specifically for authentic works of Native Indian art, they will be disappointed after they do some research. Some of the dream catchers on sale seemed to be authentic but fake items by Wolf and Boma were well represented. In order to be more informed about real original Native art and fakes, see the article Authenticity of Native Indian Art. There were no Northwest Coast Indian art in these Old Montreal souvenir shops since Montreal is pretty far east in Canada. Authentic artwork from the Pacific coast are usually seen only in the west coast or at a reputable online gallery dealing with authentic Native art.

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