Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Standing Polar Bear Inuit Art Sculpture

After my tour of the Old Montreal shops last weekend, I realized that there's not too many Inuit art sculptures of polar bears in a standing position. I have seen quite a few Native American art interpretations of standing grizzly bears but not many from the Inuit art world. I know that polar bears do stand sometimes as I've seen them in pictures from those polar bear tours up in Churchill, Manitoba. Tourists ride in these custom designed tundra buggies that are high up and out of reach of the polar bears. I've seen photos of the polar bears standing to try and see who is in these buggies. Anyway, I happen to have an Inuit sculpture of a bear in such a position in my gallery. An image of this 10 inch high beauty is below and there are more shots at Standing Polar Bear Inuit Sculpture.

polar bear inuit sculpture

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