Saturday, April 16, 2005

Colors Adjusted in Inuit Art & Native American Art Website

When Inuit art and Northwest Native American art website Free Spirit Gallery was first launched, the standard default colors for hyperlinks were used. It has since been realized that these default colors were sometimes difficult to see against the black background the website uses. This was especially the case for hyperlinks that were already visited by past visitors to the site. Therefore, one of the adjustments made this year was to change the colors of the hyperlinks on the website pages to brighter colors for easier viewing. Since the website has also grown significantly not only in the number of Inuit art and Northwest Native American art pieces, the number of information resource articles has also increased. Therefore, a site map page was added to show an overall summary of the website. See the Free Spirit Gallery Site Map to see the different sections of the website including the titles of the information resource articles in Inuit art and Northwest Native American art.

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