Friday, April 15, 2005

Northern Quebec Arctic Nunavik Wants Self Government

Northern Quebec Arctic Nunavik has wanted self government similar to Nunavut for years. The present Quebec government intends to help Nunavik move towards that but at a much slower pace than the north would like. The Quebec government blames this on tight finances. See the complete story on northern Quebec Arctic in Nunatsiaq News.

The Inuit in Nunavik produce some very nice Inuit art sculpture, especially those involving people subjects. They are superb in creating family scenes and hunting scenes. An example is a recent arrival at Free Spirit Gallery shown below. It is a hunter with a seal shown under the ice. This 8 inch high Inuit art sculpture was carved by Pita Pirti of Kangirsuk in Nunavik. See more images of this piece and other hunter scenes at Free Spirit Gallery's Other Inuit Art page.

inuit art sculpture hunter

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