Friday, May 13, 2005

Holman Inuit Art Prints

Holman is one of the top two major Inuit art print centres in Nunavut Canada with the other one of course being Cape Dorset. Holman is also one of the most established communities producing Inuit art prints since the Arctic region started this medium of art (see the article Birth of Inuit Art Prints for more information). Like Cape Dorset, Holman releases a series of limited edition Inuit art prints each year. When one compares the artwork between the two centres, one can see the differences in artistic style between them. This may not be surprising since if one looks at a Canadian Arctic map, the two Inuit communities are quite far from each other.

Below is an example of an Inuit art print from Holman. It is by Peter Aliknak and more images are currently available at Free Spirit Gallery's Inuit Art Prints section.

holman inuit art print

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