Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Book About Old Eskimo Art & Artifacts Collection

In 1997, a group of Yup'ik Eskimo elders from Alaska traveled to Germany to view Eskimo art and other cultural items collected during the 1880s by Norwegian traveller Johan Adrian Jacobsen. Jacobson had spent a year in Alaska and the Eskimo art he collected ended up in the Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin. The observations and explanations of the Eskimo art and artifacts by these elders are recorded in a new book called "Ciuliamta Akluit / Things of Our Ancestors: Yup'ik Elders Explore the Jacobsen Collection at the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin" This 448 page paperback book contains 66 photographs. The text is in both English and the Eskimo Yup'ik language which was translated by Marie Meade, an Eskimo native living and teaching in Alaska. The Eskimo Yup'ik elders share the stories and experiences embodied in the Eskimo art and artifacts reclaiming knowledge that was on the verge of being lost forever. Among the Eskimo art and cultural items covered in the book are tools for ocean hunting, bows and arrows, things made out of wood, containers, household tools, Eskimo art jewelry, figures, dance regalia, Eskimo art masks, toys, games, clothing and other Eskimo art designs used for ceremonies. for more information about this book, see http://www.washington.edu/uwpress/search/books/FIETHI.html

For more contemporary artwork and numerous information resource articles, see Free Spirit Gallery Eskimo Art.

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