Monday, May 16, 2005

Northwest Native Indian Art Part Of Canoe Journey

The Northwest Native Indian tribe in Washington state known as the Lower Elwha Klallam will host the 2005 Canoe Journey, drawing handcrafted canoes with Northwest Native Indian art from as far away as the Aleutian Islands. Eighty canoes supported by 8,000 Native Americans will land along the Port Angeles waterfront on August 1, 2005, for the six-day event. Tse-whit-zen, the ancestral Klallam village where Northwest Native Indian art and artifacts date back 2,700 years, will be the focus of the event. Tse-whit-zen will give young Native Americans who make the journey a touchstone for their cultural past and present. "It's also a healing process,'' said Tribal Chairwoman Frances Charles. "It's all about the youth.''

For more images of this wonderful form of Native American art, see Northwest Native Indian Art.

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