Monday, June 13, 2005

Boston Native American Indian Law To Finally End

Governor Romney of Massachusetts signed a bill repealing The Boston Indian Imprisonment Act. Passed in 1675 during King Philip's War, the law made it legal to imprison any Native American entering Boston. Obviously, it has not been enforced for many years. "It is our hope that signing this bill into law will provide some closure to a very painful and old chapter in Massachusetts history," said Romney. "This archaic law belongs in the history books, not the law books."

I am willing to bet that there are many other similar laws and bylaws still in existence in areas located in both the United States and Canada. I'm sure that nobody actually enforces these archaic laws today but they should still be finally wiped out since they are an insult to Native American Indians and Eskimo Inuit peoples as well. We should be doing everything we can to celebrate our different heritages and enjoy our different cultures freely.

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