Monday, June 27, 2005

Dancing Polar Bear With Fish Inuit Sculpture Going To Mississauga Ontario

One of the best Inuit sculptures I brought back from Nunavut (Arctic Canada) is a dancing polar bear with a fish in its mouth. This particular Inuit sculpture was made by Johnnylee Nooveya of Iqaluit who is considered by many to be one of the best up and coming polar bear carvers in the Canadian Arctic north. It is certainly unusual to see a dancing polar bear with a fish as these types of Inuit sculptures usually do not have anything in the mouth. Polar bear Inuit sculptures that have either a fish or seal are usually in walking positions. So this is why this particular Inuit sculpture is so special.

It will be going to a very lucky lady in Mississauga, Ontario this week. It's always a bit sad to see such a nice Inuit sculpture go but then again, it's great to have more of Johnnylee's work out there. There are a few more Inuit sculptures done by him at my gallery. The lead dancing polar bear on the Free Spirit Gallery home page was done by Johnnylee.

To see more exquisite artwork of this type, see our gallery's Inuit Sculptures section.

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