Thursday, June 30, 2005

Inuit Janitors Helping Teach Inuktitut Language In Arctic Canada

The Iqaluit District Education Authority in Arctic Canada has such need for Inuktitut (language of the Inuit) speaking substitutes that school janitors are now teaching Inuktitut classes. "We are using anybody right now," said Aseena Alurru. "We are even using cleaners, doesn't matter. Just anyone who wants to do it, if they can speak in Inuktitut and write in Inuktitut, that is the biggest factor." Alurrut says it is unfortunate that this is even an issue in Nunavut (Canada's newest territory located in the Canadian Arctic), where the majority of the population is Inuit. She says student teachers finishing their semester will help solve some of the problem, because they usually come into the schools to teach Inuktitut during their summer holidays.

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