Sunday, June 12, 2005

Inuit Sculptures As Gifts

Inuit sculptures seem to be very popular up here in Canada as corporate gifts. I have heard Inuit sculptures being given as special prizes for top sales people in companies as well as for retirement gifts for those employees who have given many years of service. Of course, Inuit sculptures are very popular for Canadian companies doing business internationally as corporate gifts. Inuit sculptures are like goodwill tokens of Canada that Canadian companies use for helping build business relationships with others abroad.

I've decided to give my brother a large Inuit sculpture of a walrus as a wedding present. His new home with his future wife is basically a starter home without much art of any kind yet. I thought that a really nice Inuit sculpture will help enrich their new home together. It will help them to start transforming their present typical home style of recent grads/career beginners to established home owners.

For Inuit sculptures that will help you enrich your own homes, see Free Spirit Gallery Inuit Art.

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