Friday, June 24, 2005

Northwest Coast Indian Art Canoe For Students

As part of a program to learn about their own culture and identities, a Northwest Coast Indian art canoe was built for students of a school named Chief Leschi located in Washington state. The canoe is called Spirit of the Wolf Protects. Culture Coordinator Peggy McCloud claimed that the new 34-foot canoe will bring connection to Northwest Coast Indian students and help keep their minds, bodies and spirits strong. "We can continue our ancestral teaching with this beautiful canoe. So many of our songs are about the water and mountains. The students can deepen their understanding of their heritage and who they really are," she said.

Captain Connie McCloud wanted to show young people the healthy side of their Northwest Coast Indian culture and encourage children to be proud of who they are. "There's a lot of grieving, hardship, drug and alcohol abuse that our children are confronted with, " said Connie McCloud. "Being a part of a canoe family offers a chance to celebrate with others their true spirit and identity. It brings back their culture, language, dance, and develops leadership. They learn to work together to accomplish the journey," she added.

To see a full length article on this event, see Indian Country. For more on information of their culture, see Northwest Coast Indian Art Articles.

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