Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Northwest Coast Indian Art Fans Around The Country

Sometimes I am amazed where our shipments of Northwest Coast Indian art ends up. The majority of our Northwest Coast Indian art carvings do end up going back out west to customers in Washington, Oregon, California, BC and even Alaska. This is the region where Northwest Coast Indian art is exposed so many people out there are already familiar with this striking form of aboriginal art. However, we do end up shipping some of our carvings to places such as Texas, the midwest and the east coast where there isn't much Northwest Coast Indian art. Texas, where there's Southwest Indian art everywhere, is an interesting place to ship to. Upon further communications with our customers in areas where other forms of aboriginal art are more common, it turns out that many of these people have previously lived in the Pacific Northwest region and miss the artwork from there. Well, this is good since we now know that there are ambassadors of Northwest Coast Indian art in different parts of the country. I certainly hope that this form of aboriginal art will gain more exposure in different areas and Free Spirit Gallery Northwest Indian Art will do our best to help.

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