Thursday, June 30, 2005

Striking Large Inuit Art Carving Goes To Nova Scotia

A seasoned Inuit art collector in Nova Scotia recently contacted me and was seeking a large Inuit carving of a hunter with some sort of Arctic wildlife. What he was after was much larger than anything I presently had in my gallery of Inuit carvings. But since I have access to different sources of new Inuit art, I was able to find a suitable piece for him. We started out with 16 different potential large pieces which I had photos shot from multiple angles. He finally settled on a very striking Inuit carving of a fisherman with an Arctic fish by Jobie Uqaituk shown below. This piece was 18 inches high, 15 by 8 inches at the base and weighed in at 35 pounds. An injected foam system was utilized during the packing to minimize any possible breakage during shipping. When the packing was completed, the box was 33 inches high and weighed 53 pounds. The customer happily received the carving intact and I was told that he will construct a special table to display it as a centerpiece.

If any collectors of Inuit art cannot find what they are looking for in my gallery, there's always a possibility that I can find something suitable for them. For other examples of Inuit art that I had located for clients, see Locating Specific Inuit Art.

inuit art carving

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