Friday, June 03, 2005

Why Does A Native American Art Gallery Have Ukrainian Eggs?

Some people have noticed that in Free Spirit Gallery's Other Art section, there are items that are not related to the usual Native American art or Inuit art that the online gallery deals with. Why is this so?

Sometimes, I come across other fine art items by other cultures and in the case of the Ukrainian pysanka (pysanky) eggs, it was my significant other who introduced me to them (she's Ukrainian Canadian). I bought some off a local Ukrainian artisan in Montreal and since they can be considered fine art, I put them in my gallery. They are real chicken or goose eggs that have been emptied and the patterns on the shells are extremely intricate. An example is shown below. This is fine art for sure!

So take a look at the Free Spirit Gallery Other Art section sometime to see anything that also might be interesting besides our great selection of Native American art carvings and Inuit art carvings.

ukrainian pysanka pysanky egg

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