Thursday, July 07, 2005

Canadian First Nation Indian Museum To Be Built

The Rufus Prince building, a former residential school building in the town of Portage la Prairie in the Canadian province of Manitoba, is being transformed into a museum dedicated to the history of Canadian First Nation Indian residential schools. The museum will adopt a motto which will be "From a place of hurting to a place of healing". It will honor and acknowledge students' experiences, despite the pain it caused many Canadian First Nation aboriginal youth. "There is no better place to house the museum than a former residential school," said Dennis Meeches, Long Plains Canadian First Nation Chief. "It does bring back memories for [many former students], but we also have to capture the residential school experience to have a better understanding as part of our healing journey. We want to be able to tell the story through Canadian First Nation people, through our eyes, through our experiences. Nobody else can tell that story better than we would be able to." Meeches, whose own parents and grandparents attended residential schools, hopes the Canadian government will help fund the museum which is expected to open by 2008.

For more interesting information, see Canadian First Nation Information Resource Articles.

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