Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Canadian First Nations School Replaces French With Cree Language

Albert Elementary School in Regina replaced French class with the Canadian First Nations Cree language as part of a pilot program last fall. The objective was to give the Canadian First Nations aboriginal students a better connection to their cultural past. "Without the language and without the children learning it, it is going to evaporate," says Cree language teacher Sonia Kinequon. "And if we don't have a setting where children can learn their language, they are eventually going to lose it." The Cree classes focus on traditional First Nations songs, puppets and crafts. The students do actions as they chant Cree words. "It's cool," says Gordon Kequahtooway, a Grade 6 student. "It's our culture." The school has also set up a Cree program for Canadian First Nations adults as well. For two hours once per week, parents learn Cree with their children.

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