Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Complications of Paying Northwest Indian Art Carvers

Most of the time, Northwest Indian art carvers are paid cash for their wonderful artwork. Sometimes when transactions are done from a distance, I send them a check. It hasn't been a problem with some Northwest Indian artists but it has resulted in unnecessary complications with others. Some of these talented artisans still do not have bank accounts. One master carver tried to cash one of my checks through Money Mart and because my checks do not have my address, they refused the check. Now the artist is frustrated as am I. I still wonder why anyone in this day and age would not have a bank account? While some Northwest Indian art carvers already have their own galleries and websites, some are still a bit behind in managing their day to day lives. This is no reflection of their talents of course. I just wish that those that are a bit behind will get up to speed in the business end of things so that future business will be done more smoothly. This will greatly enhance the growth of the Northwest Indian art field in my opinion.

For some details on magnificent art, see Free Spirit Gallery Northwest Indian art.

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