Friday, July 29, 2005

Information Articles on Inuit Eskimo Art

As many are already aware, there's lots of information resource articles on Inuit Eskimo art at the Free Spirit Gallery website. For those of you who run ezines or related websites, it is possible to use some of these articles as content for your projects. Non photo versions of some of these articles can be found at the or sites if one does an article search under the author name Clint Leung. These articles can be republished for free as long as they are done so in their entirety without modifications and if the author information is included intact along with any active links as per the terms of use for these articles sites. These information articles can be a great source of extra useful content on Inuit Eskimo art for your readers.

Free Spirit Gallery has a nice selection of both Inuit carvings and Inuit prints.

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