Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Northwest Indian College Graduates Seventy Students

Northwest Indian College in Washington state is the only regional tribal college in the United States and has 29 extension campuses in the Puget Sound region. Recently, 70 students received two-year degrees in nine fields of study which is a tribute to Northwest Indian College's success. Here's some interesting statistics of the students; the average age is 27 years old; 64% of students are older than 30; 44% are married: and 50% have two or more dependent children. "They cater to you to get you through," said one Northwest Indian College student who could take her 4 year old daughter to classes. "They gave me the opportunity to be with my children and bring them to classes in order to keep me going." Fred Dorr, Northwest Indian College's community relations director, said students' successes are having a ripple effect in their own Northwest Indian communities. "Each student reaches about 25 people including family and friends," he said. "They are positive role models. Others see what they've accomplished and say, 'Hey, maybe I can do that too.'"

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