Monday, August 15, 2005

Layaway Plans Will Be Considered For Inuit Art Purchases

I recently had a potential customer contact me inquiring whether it was possible to purchase an Inuit art dancing polar bear carving with a layaway plan. This is the first time we have been approached with this idea as so far Free Spirit Gallery doesn't have any official layaway plans offered. This particular Inuit art piece the customer was looking at was the dancing polar bear carving by Johnnylee Nooveya of Iqaluit, Nunavut who happens to be the carver of the dancing bear shown on the Free Spirit Gallery home page. We will consider layaway options for our customers although we haven't decided to create a standard plan. Instead, we will consider each case individually and try to work out a feasible layaway plan that will be agreeable to both our customer and Free Spirit Gallery. So if there's a higher priced Inuit art piece in our gallery of carvings that you would love to bring home but would rather purchase through a layaway plan, feel free to contact us.

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