Friday, August 12, 2005

Native American Tribal Games Displayed

The Explore the Big Sky event held at Great Falls, Montana this summer included a pow wow, concert and also a display of traditional Native American tribal games. These games included team events such as traditional lacrosse, shinney, doubleball, and canoe racing. Individual events like bow shooting, atlatl and hoop and arrow, as well as a variety of horse events were also showcased by Native American athletes. These tribal games taught Native American people the skills they needed to survive and thrive in the sometimes unforgiving landscape of America. Quick thinking, strength, memory, stamina, teamwork, intuition, horsemanship and other essential qualities are all required to excel at these traditional games which are making a comeback thanks to the efforts of tribal educators, enthusiastic kids, an old Department of the Interior study and the memories of some grateful Native American tribal elders. For other interesting articles on culture, see Native American Art Information Resource Articles.

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