Friday, August 05, 2005

Pacific Northwest Native American Tribe Honored

Amy Johnson's great-great-grandfather, David Denny, reached Puget Sound in Washington state in 1851 after a half-year journey from Illinois. Denny's group, which later founded Seattle, might have perished without help from the local Pacific Northwest Native American tribe Duwamish who offered clam broth to revive a sick baby, shelter and protection from hostile tribes. Now Johnson wants to thank and honor this tribe that enabled her and other settler descendants to exist. She has organized Coming Full Circle, an opportunity for Johnson/Denny descendants to thank the Duwamish by helping raise $1,500,000 for the Pacific Northwest Native American tribe's future longhouse and cultural center. "If it hadn't been for the Duwamish when the first pioneers came, they either wouldn't have survived or they wouldn't have stayed," Johnson said. "If it hadn't been for the Duwamish, I might not be here today."

For a look into the magnificent carvings from the local region, see Pacific Northwest Native American Art Carvings.

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