Friday, October 14, 2005

Inuit Want Inclusion In Settlements Over Residential Schools Abuse

Inuit leaders in Canada want to pursue massive lawsuits against the Canadian federal government to ensure that their people are included in settlements over the residential schools abuse issue. Over the years, Inuit and Canadian aboriginal children were placed in boarding schools for a proper education by the government. However, there were numerous cases of abuse which is only now getting aired. "Our hope is that government will make an overture to ensure our place at the table that is Inuit-specific," said Rosemarie Kuptana of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation. In May, the Assembly of First Nations signed an agreement with Ottawa (Canada's capital) to deal with the damage caused by residential schools. The federal government appointed former Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci to recommend a compensation package by the end of March 2006. One complicating matter for the Inuit, is that they are not members of the Assembly of First Nations and were not originally party to the agreement. Surely the Canadian government must recognize the history of abuse in all aboriginal groups in Canada and make efforts to compensate all those affected. This will help restore the dignity of the indigenous people of Canada.

To see some of the proud artwork of both Inuit and aboriginal artists, see Inuit and Canadian Aboriginal art.

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