Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Canadian Indian Art To Be Taught at New Centre

There are plans to transform a Vancouver neighborhood full of abandoned buildings and parking lots into a $30,000,000 centre to benefit the area's young urban Canadian native Indian population. By 2008, the center will provide a place to learn traditional Canadian Indian art skills such as carving, dancing and visual arts. It will also be a place for young native Canadian Indians to play basketball, access child care, or look for a job or somewhere to live. "It will be the first of its kind in North America," said Melanie Mark, president of the Urban Native Youth Association. This new centre will be 65,000 square feet and three stories high. It will focus upon current programs while building a host of new cultural, spiritual, educational and recreational options. Currently, Vancouver is home to 15,000 Canadian aboriginal people who represent a variety of bands. The population of young native Canadian Indians under 29 years of age continues to increase.

To see some of the cultural artwork of the aboriginal people in Vancouver, see Canadian Indian Art.

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