Sunday, November 27, 2005

Current List of Northwest Native American Art Articles

Here is the latest list of Northwest Native American Art articles at the Free Spirit Gallery website. These are direct links to these informative articles. Many of these articles have full color images of actual and authentic Northwest Native American art pieces.

Introduction To Northwest Native Art - Article with photos of Northwest Indian art carvers

The Basic Elements of Northwest Indian Art - A more detailed look at Northwest Indian art

The Colors of Northwest Indian Art - The color schemes used by Northwest Native artists

The Shapes Used in Northwest Indian Art - Illustrating ovoids, U-forms and more

The Design of Northwest Native Art Animal Body Parts - Eyes, ears, noses, arms and more

Northwest Coast Native Art Region - Maps showing Northwest Native geographical region

Northwest Indian Art Carver Gary Baker - A profile of master carver Gary 'Boo Boo' Baker

Northwest Native Art Carver Peter Charlie - A profile of master carver Peter Charlie

Northwest Coast Native Art Carver Cody Mathias - A profile of master carver Cody Mathia

Northwest Coast Indian Art Carver Paul Joseph - A profile of master carver Paul Joseph

Native American Art Authenticity - Real works of Native American art compared to fakes

Northwest Coast Art At Vancouver International Airport - Examples of airport's art decor

West Coast Art Totem Poles - History and use of Northwest Indian totem poles

West Coast Indian Art Tribal Masks - History, types and functions of Northwest masks

Native American Art Thunderbird - One of the most popular Native American icons

The Native American Art Bear - A symbol of strength and friendship

The Eagle In Native American Indian Art - A universally respected symbol of power

The Orca Killer Whale In Pacific Northwest Coast Art - Loved by millions around the world

West Coast Native Art On Canadian Coins - Canadian currency designed by Native artists

Pacific Northwest Native Canadian Art Raven - Known to many as the 'trickster'

Interior Decorating & Home Decor with Native American Indian Art - Bringing home nature

Pacific Coast North West Indian Art on Canada Bank Note - Currency with First Nation art

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