Tuesday, November 29, 2005

North West Native American Coastal Tribe Whaling Victory

By a 21-6 vote, the U.S. House Resources Committee in Washington D.C. has passed a measure urging the Bush administration to uphold the 1855 Treaty of Neah Bay. The treaty promised the North West Native American Coastal tribe the Makah, the right to conduct whaling along with hunting and fishing at their usual and accustomed places in the Pacific North West region. Makah Tribal Chairman Ben Johnson, Jr. was elated. "We won a big one today," he said. "They made my day when that happened. They recognized our treaty -- again. We've had that treaty since 1855." Chuck Owens, an anti-whaling activist, noted that the Committee passed the non-binding measure without allowing debate as he said, "The Republican committee would not allow Jay Inslee to explain to everybody the issue. That's why it passed. There was no argument on this issue." This vote is considered a big victory for the North West Native American people.

For a glimpse at some beautiful authentic native artwork from the North West, see North West Native American Coastal Art.

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