Thursday, December 08, 2005

Only Small Number of Canadian Aboriginal Lawsuits Settled

So far, 14,796 lawsuits have been filed by former residential school students who claim abuse or neglect in Canada's past residential school system. The vast majority of these former students are of Canadian aboriginal descent. This includes both Inuit and other Native Canadians. Only 2,793 of these claims by the Canadian aboriginals have been settled. Last year Canada spent $70,000,000 to pay lawyers, researchers and bureaucrats handling the cases, but only $18,000,000 in compensation costs to plaintiffs in comparison. With plaintiff's legal liabilities estimated from $3-$5 billion, the related operating and legal costs could reach $20,000,000,000 by the time all claims have been settled. This is indeed another unfortunate consequence of the abusive history the Canadian aboriginal groups have had to experience. Hopefully, things will be corrected in time so that Canadian aboriginal people will feel as equals as with any other Canadians.

The Canadian Natives have a lot to be proud of including their artwork. For examples of nice Canadian Native art, see Aboriginal Art - Canada.

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