Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shipping 6 Days Per Week from Inuit Art Gallery in Canada

Just to let you all know, the Free Spirit Inuit Art Gallery in Canada is shipping 6 days per week this month in order to get shipments out to our customers as fast as possible (and affordable) since this is the rush holiday buying season. We are shipping from Montreal, Canada. If buyers are located relatively close, we can get Inuit art and Northwest Indian art out to you within a few days. For our customers in the west coast or down south, FedEx claims an 8 business day delivery but given the higher volumes going through their system, I would give it 10 business days just in case. So for clients located further out, I would strongly suggest getting in your orders for any Inuit art or Northwest Indian art in as soon as possible. We will process and pack items as soon as orders come in. We will try to get the shipments out the very next day. Orders that some in during the morning (eastern standard time) will likely go out that same afternoon.

There's still lots of nice choices in our Inuit art gallery and Northwest Indian art gallery.

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