Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Canadian Aboriginal Art Coast Salish Carvings Under $100 US

There are now quite a few new Canadian aboriginal art carvings by Coast Salish art master carver Cody Mathias priced at under $100 US now. Cody has made some really nice smaller carvings of killerwhales, salmons, thunderbirds, ravens, eagles and even a beaver. The beaver is special because it is not a common subject carved by Canadian aboriginal artists. Cody Mathias is a carver who prefers carving the traditional Canadian aboriginal art way which shows the actual carves on his pieces. All of these new Coast Salish carvings by Cody are priced at very attractive levels in the Under $100 US level. All of Cody's new art works are listed in New Arrivals including the beaver shown below.

canadian aboriginal art coast salish carving

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