Monday, January 02, 2006

Teach Alaskan Native Kids Eskimo Arts and Crafts?

Sue Marsh, a volunteer with the Fairbanks Court-Appointed Special Advocates program, relies on her personal experience as a mother as she advocates for abused and neglected children in Alaska. But Sue has one other valuable characteristic. She is an Alaska Native. More than half of the roughly 1,700 children in Alaska state custody are of American Indian or Alaska Native descent. Marsh, 47, is the only Alaska Native CASA volunteer in Fairbanks. Now a new recruitment campaign is attracting Alaska Native people. "It's important to have someone who is objective and who is able to bridge cultural gaps," Atkinson said.

Perhaps more Alaskan Natives in the volunteer program could teach these kids some of their heritage including Native and/or Eskimo arts and crafts. Perhaps a whole new generation of fine Alaskan Native and Eskimo artists can be developed as a result. Check out Free Spirit Gallery to see some nice current Inuit Native art or Eskimo arts and crafts,

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