Saturday, February 04, 2006

Combined Shipping Can Save on Overall Shipping Costs of Canadian Aboriginal Art

Customers of our Canadian aboriginal art should consider ordering more than one item at a time, especially in the case for our international customers located overseas. Shipping internationally can be pricey particularly with larger sized packages which would be the case for many of our Northwest Canadian aboriginal art carvings as well as larger sized Inuit art. These are costs which are determined by the postal services.

However, in most cases, more than one item could easily fit into the same box. Therefore, instead of ordering two separate items of Canadian aboriginal art in two separate occasions which would require two separate pricey shipping costs, ordering them at the same time would be much more cost effective as combined shipping would required only the one shipping charge. More than likely, any extra weight as a result of combined shipping of multiple items would result in only marginal, if any extra increase in shipping rate.

International customers could order either multiple items for themselves or go in with a friend to take advantage of possible combined shipping. The savings in overall shipping charges for multiple items would certainly make things worthwhile. Even domestic customers have taken advantage of combined shipping. Although many of our Canadian aboriginal art items are already free of charge for shipping within United States and Canada, domestic customers who order an item which features free shipping could easily add another item to the order that does not have free shipping. By combining the order, the shipping would result in free shipping for both items, something that would not have been possible if the customer ordered each item separately.

So when browsing our Canadian Aboriginal Art Gallery, do consider ordering more than one item at a time, particularly our international customers.

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