Monday, February 06, 2006

Inuit Art and Eskimo Art at Sold at Auctions

Waddington's, an auction house based in Toronto, Canada has about two auctions for Inuit art and Eskimo art per year. During one such auction last year, 10 Inuit sculptures by master carver Osuitok Ipeelee of Cape Dorset were sold for over $195,000. The auction brough in over a million dollars (Canadian) which was just shy of the record which was $1.6 million Canadian during a fall 2004 auction for Inuit art.

These figures may prove that Eskimo art and Inuit art have indeed reached the status of fine art and do have investment potential. Also see the article Inuit Art as Investments.

For Eskimo art and Inuit art that may someday be worth many times their current value, see what is currently available at Free Spirit Gallery of Inuit Art.

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