Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ravens at the Tower of London

Looks like the officials at the Tower of London in England are being proactive in protecting the resident ravens who live there from bird flu. There is a group of ravens who live in this structure which is one of Britain's main historical attractions. The ravens have been kept in special cages during the evenings and left free during the days. But with the risk of bird flu, the officials have brought the raven birds indoors for now. Legend has it that if the ravens ever left the Tower of London, it will signal the beginning of the collapse of the English monarchy and empire.

So it looks like the raven is legend in other cultures around the world in addition to Native American. For background information on the Native North American versions of the raven, see Pacific Northwest Native Canadian Art Raven.

Free Spirit Gallery has nice carvings of ravens on a regular basis in the Northwest Indian Art Birds Carvings section.

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