Sunday, March 12, 2006

Japanese Inuit Art and Native American Indian Art Website Working Okay

The Japanese Inuit art website for Free Spirit Gallery seems to be working fine and has already been viewed by native Japanese. There is more detail in the English site so one can view both languages if desired. Entry into the Japanese Inuit art site is via the main English home page where there's Japanese characters up at the top of the page as an entry link. Although the shopping cart system for Free Spirit Gallery is still in English, there's a order translation page where Japanese customers can refer to in order to help guide them through the order system.

Each item page of the gallery has a Japanese version and the prices are in American and Canadian dollars but there are approximate Japanese equivalent prices in yen shown as well.

The Japanese pages will make it easier for customers in Japan to browse and shop for Canadian Inuit art and Northwest Native American Indian art from abroad.

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