Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tips on How to Buy and Shop for Authentic Native Indian Art Carvings (Native American Art)

Many visitors to Canada will be exposed to Native Indian art while touring the country, especially in British Columbia. Among this aboriginal artwork are the magnificent hand made Northwest Native Indian art wood carvings by the Canadian aboriginal artists in BC. While in some of the major Canadian cities (Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal) or other tourist areas popular with international visitors such as Banff, Native Indian carvings will be seen at various retail shops and displayed at some museums as well as some public areas such as parks. Since Native Indian art, particularly Pacific Northwest Native Indian art, has been getting more and more international exposure, people may be seeing this aboriginal fine art form at galleries and museums located outside Canada too. As a result, it will be natural for many tourists and art collectors to decide that they would like to purchase Native Indian art as nice souvenirs for their homes or as very unique gifts for others. Assuming that the intention is to acquire an authentic piece rather than a cheap tourist imitation, the question arises on how does one tell apart the real thing from the fakes? It would be pretty disappointing to bring home a piece bought in Vancouver only to find out later that it isn’t authentic or even made in Canada. One would have to be careful in tourist areas where all sorts of other souvenirs such as t-shirts, hockey jerseys, postcards, key chains, maple syrup and other Canadian items are sold.

The safest places to shop for Native Indian art carvings to ensure authenticity are always the reputable galleries that specialize in Canadian Native Indian art. Some of these galleries have advertisements in the city tourist guides found in hotels. Reputable Native Indian art galleries are also listed in magazines which are devoted entirely to Native art such as American Indian Art and Native Peoples magazine. These galleries will usually be located in the downtown tourist areas of major cities. When one walks into these galleries, one will see that there will be only Native Indian art and none of the other usual tourist souvenirs such as t-shirts or postcards. These galleries will have only authentic Native Indian art for sale as they do not deal with imitations or fakes. The carvings are usually signed by the carver.

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