Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Turin Torino Winter Olympics Get Exposed to Canadian Native Culture

Looks like the world recently got exposed to more Canadian Native culture during the Turin Torino Winter Olympics. At the closing ceremonies, there were chiefs from various Northwest Native groups in British Columbia, Canada wearing their traditional clothing inviting the world to Vancouver for the next Winter Olympics in 2010. Dancers also built a huge Inuit inukshuk on stage. The logo with the Inuit inukshuk mascot for the Vancouver Olympic Games was finally flashed on the stage at the end of the Canadian segment. No doubt that people around the world will now be curious as to what the Inuit inukshuk symbol is.

For some interesting background information, see the Inuit Inukshuk article.

See the Vancouver Winter Olympics logo at Inuit Inukshuk Olymic Mascot.

Also see Inuit Inukshuk Sculptures at Free Spirit Gallery.

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