Monday, April 10, 2006

Canadian First Nations Women Protest Against Land Development

Recently, a group of Canadian First Nations women from the Six Nation clan in Ontario locked arms with more than 100 other Canadian Native women to protest the building of a subdivision near Caledonia. The Native women described their actions as a "land reclamation." Despite an Ontario judge's order to arrest them, the women stood their ground. Droves of supporters from Canada and the United States stood in support as the arrest deadline arrived, then passed with no one going to jail. The Canadian First Nations women later issued a statement to project developers, government authorities, and "Her Majesty the Queen." The statement said developers have no business on the disputed land. "Therefore, we the clan mothers command the agents, representatives and officers of the said British corporation to be at peace and refrain from any acts of violence to spill blood or interfere with the rights of the Onkwe'hon:we’ (the aboriginal people)," they wrote. The message was signed "Clan Mothers." Henco Industries Limited, the developers, stated they have legal title to the land, and that no one had protested during the past three years when housing development was being planned.

On a more pleasant note, see Canadian First Nations Artwork at Free Spirit Gallery for some wonderful images of Canadian Native Art.

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