Thursday, April 13, 2006

Canadian Native First Nations Hockey Player Scored 50

The Canadian First Nations youth now have a new reason to be proud as one of their own people have made a pro sports milestone. Jonathan Cheechoo of the NHL San Jose Sharks scored over 50 goals this season. Cheechoo is a Canadian Nations from a very small isolated Cree village just south of James Bay in Ontario. His village Moose Factory was actually on an island and he had to take a snowmobile across the frozen waters to get to hockey sessions when he was younger. He was recently awarded with a five year multi-million dollar contract with the Sharks. When the Sharks were in Vancouver recently, a group of Canadian First Nations kids from BC attended the team's practice session and presented Cheechoo with a flag of their tribe.

For a glimpse at Canadian First Nations art, see Free Spirit Gallery.

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