Monday, April 24, 2006

Polar Bears Feared Heading For Extinction

The news last night reported that due to the effects of global warming, the polar bears living in the Arctic regions may be heading for extinction. Global warming affects the ice flows that the polar bears rely on for hunting seals. Scientists have noticed that polar bears have generally been observed to be smaller than before and instead of usually having 3 or more cubs, the mothers would have only 1 to 2. There have even been polar bears that drowned because of the longer distances they have to swim (as far as 100 kilometres have been reported).

This is really sad news indeed as the polar bears are considered by many to be the rulers and ultimate symbols of the Canadian Arctic. Losing them would be like losing an entire identity not only for Canada but the rest of the world as well. Two activists have planned to trek up to the North Pole as a way to bring attention to this possible disaster as a result of global warming. It is hoped that governments internationally will step up the action in controlling global warming.

Polar bears have generally been the most popular subject in Inuit art sculptures (see Polar Bear Inuit Sculptures). It would be a real shame if someday the Inuit artists had to carve polar bears only as distant memories of a magnificent creature long gone. Let’s hope that they will always be around.

More general information these bears at Arctic Polar Bears.

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Anonymous said...

I think that this is a terrible thing! Global Warming is not mostly natural- its mostly pollution! So please, for the polar bears and others in danger of extinction (humans included!) take the subway, carpool, don't smoke so much and conserve your energy!