Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Inuit Circus Troupe

There an Inuit circus troupe called Artcirq and two of its members are attending a week-long residency at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin, Ireland. One of the members, Derek Aqqiaruq, is a juggler and acrobat as well as leader of the Igloolik rock band, The Eskies. The other member is Leah Angutimariq, an Inuit throat singer, juggler, acrobat and actress. Artcirq was founded in 1998 to help combat suicides among young Inuit people. This is the first time artists have performed outside Igloolik. "Artcirq is the first time a group of Inuit have worked together, understanding the concept of learning new skills, which in this case is circus, and adapting it with their own culture in an artistic way," said Guillaume Saladan. "It's very powerful. We're making a show built on their traditions."

For Inuit art from the Arctic region, see Free Spirit Gallery.

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