Friday, May 12, 2006

Pacific Northwest Native Indian Art Book (eBook) Now PDF File

The eBook 'An Overview of Pacific Northwest Native Indian Art' that was uploaded to the Free Spirit Gallery website is now a direct PDF file. Previously, it was a ZIP file that required unzipping before accessing the pages. However, we found that the ZIP version is not significantly smaller than the PDF version so we changed it to the PDF file on the server. Therefore, unzipping is now longer required when accessing this eBook on Northwest Native Indian art. This will make things a bit easier for visitors of the Free Spirit Gallery website.

The second eBook that will be available for download should be ready by this weekend and it will also be a direct PDF file rather than a ZIP file. The second eBook will be on Inuit art. An annoucement on this Inuit and Native Art Bulletin blog will be made when the Inuit art eBook is available for download.

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