Monday, May 15, 2006

Study Confirms Salmon Farms Okay

A six year study by tribal members and university researchers confirms what the Pacific Northwest Native Canadian Kitasoo/Xaixais First Nation has believed all along. The study suggests that salmon farms can be operated in a sustainable manner, and in a way that respects the environment and Canadian First Nations traditions. The Native Canadian tribe's three salmon farms are operated in a partnership between Marine Harvest Canada and the Kitasoo/Xaixais First Nation. The partnership agreement recognizes traditional territory, environmental stewardship and economic development, and stipulates ongoing environmental research. "It is what we hoped for," states Percy Starr, Chief Councillor, Kitasoo/Xaixais First Nation. "We watch these farms very closely and we know our waters. Done properly salmon farming can co-exist with our traditional values."

Salmon is so important in the culture and lives of Pacific Northwest Native Canadian aboriginals, they often feature the fish in their Northwest Native art. To see examples of artwork, see Northwest Native Art Salmon. There's also an article on the Salmon in Northwest Native Art and Culture.

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