Monday, June 12, 2006

Online Eskimo Inuit Art Gallery Wants To Remind the .CA

Online Eskimo Inuit art gallery Free Spirit Gallery wants to remind those who are typing in their web address on their browser that they should type in a .ca address rather than a .com one. The .com version will take you to another Free Spirit Gallery that is totally different and does not deal with either Inuit or American Indian art.

Owner of the .ca site Clint Leung says, "When we originally registered our site, the .com address was already in existence and it was a small one artist gallery based in Curacao. I believe that it has since moved to the US but it is still a one artist website dealing with contemporary paintings. The .ca domain represents Canadian based websites so we decided to go with that hoping that people who are looking for the Inuit and Native art site will find us."

It seems that this is probably the case these days as the .ca domain ranks well in search engine listings and even if individuals go to the .com site by mistake, a search for Inuit art or Northwest Native art will take them to the .ca site.

Leung adds that, "We feel that the two Free Spirit Gallery sites are different enough that internet visitors will eventually find the right one on their own since the two art markets are pretty different. They won't find Inuit art or Northwest Native art there at the .com site and they won't find contemporary art paintings at our site."

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