Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Voyage of Sedna Expedition

Saw a documentary on TV last night about the voyage of the ship Sedna which took a crew of 15 Canadians up through the Arctic and the Northwest passage. It was part of the Nature of Things series by Dr. David Suzuki. It was a 5 month journey that started in Quebec, Canada and went up north along the east coast to the Arctic. After going through the Arctic, they went through the Bering Straight on down the west coast to Vancouver.

There were many images and footage of Arctic wildlife and commentary about how global warming is affecting different parts of the north. Showed footage of polar bears, walruses, seals, birds, whales and even narwhal. It was sad to hear that the decreasing ice flows affect the wildlife. Polar bears are not able to hunt and some young bears have even starved to death. The biologists claim that the northern wildlife could be replaced by southern wildlife migrating north if the trends of warming continue. Even the majestic polar bear could be wiped out. I can't even begin to explain my own feelings about this. We must not let this happen to our polar bears and other Arctic animals.

For more information on bears, see Polar Bears of the Arctic.

For great Inuit carvings of bears, see Polar Bear Carvings.

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