Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Native Hawaiians Plan To Self Rule

Native Hawaiians are forming a sovereign government which could someday control the lands and money lost when the U.S. took over the islands. The state's Office of Hawaiian Affairs supports a nation-building proposal that calls for Hawaiian registration, new districts, elections and a constitutional convention. The new government would work with the state and federal governments to absorb Hawaiian programs, revenues and former crown land held in trust by the state. "It's about reconciling history," said Haunani Apoliona. "As Native Hawaiians move into more leadership roles in this process of self-determination and oversight over our assets, it also will bring health and healing to the community." This new plan comes after a bill recognizing Native Hawaiians in a way similar to Native American Indians failed in the U.S. Senate. The new proposed government could take effect as early as July, 2007. Sounds very much like what has been happening in Canada with both our First Nations and Inuit peoples.

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