Monday, September 18, 2006

Improvements to Inuit Art and Native American Art Website

There has been major improvements to the Inuit art and Native American art website from Free Spirit Gallery which took an equivalent of about 5 day's work. Most of these changes will seem transparent to many website visitors but they are improvements.

Users with 800 x 600 resolution screens who previously viewed some of the webpages with images not aligned will now see all pages aligned for drastically improved viewing. Users with wider 1024 x 768 resolution screens will now see the Free Spirit Gallery website expanded to fill out most of their monitors for better balance.

Item pages for each of our Inuit art and Native American art pieces will look more uniform as they now take on a similar format with the gray boxes containing the prices and Buy It links underneath the main image of each item.

These changes may seem minor but they all add up to increased viewing pleasure for our website visitors. We hope that you will all enjoy the site even more now.

Check out the website at

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IndianArtHistory said...

I found a great site on Maria Martinez the great San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter.

There excellent details on Family members, ancesty and signatures.